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21.03. Ecuador - El Salvador

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1gewonnen 21.03. Ecuador - El Salvador am Di 19 März 2013, 19:48

Class difference here. Ecuador are a Top4 side in South America, alongside Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. They will play in Brazil, no doubt for me. They are a powerhouse at home winning all 5 games so far in WC-quali. Last month they beat Portugal away in a friendly. No qualification-game this weekend, so they play El Salvador in a friendly with all international players like Valencia (ManU), Ayovi (Monterrey), Benitez (America), Suarez (Pachuca), Caicedo (Lok. Moscow), Noboa (Dinamo M.). El Salvador is, when complete, an average side, already out of WC, preparing for Gold Cup. In Quito (2400m, a handicap for the guests) only with local guys and 3 outside: 1 from Rosenborg, 1 in US 2. league, 1 in Danish 2. league. A month ago they lost in Paraguay, who are weaker than Ecuador, 0-3. H2H 3-0-0, only one in Ecuador, 2007 5-1. I decided to skip the HC and play HT/FT at Unibet, while average odds are 1,55, in Asia 1,50, Unibet have 1,75.

Ecuador HT/FT @1,75 unibet 3/10, CS 3-0 @7, CS 4-0 @15 each 0,5/10

HT/FT 2-0/5-0 +1,25 5-0 in der 89.

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