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12.07. Panama + USA Double

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1gewonnen 12.07. Panama + USA Double am Fr 12 Jul 2013, 00:12

Panama to win Group A @1,50
USA to win Group C @1,25

Panama need 4 points to win the group. Can´t see them losing tonight vs. Martinique. Last game against weak Canada. The only way to lose this bet, are two draws by Panama and two wins by Mexico. Possible but unlikely to happen. The odds are good enough.
In Group C battle between the USA and Costa Rica. USA will score more goals against the minnows Cuba and Belize, so a draw in the last game should be enough. Even if otherwise, US-Boys are huge favs on home soil as they have 9-3-0 in last 20 years ag. Costa Rica (home record).

Double @1,88 bwin 4/10

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