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15.07. Martinique - Mexico

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1verloren 15.07. Martinique - Mexico am So 14 Jul 2013, 10:05

Martinique - Mexico

This is worth a shot. Both teams already in QF, because weak Cuba and Belize in Group C (only 1 third-ranked team will finish tournament). Martinique will be far more motivated, as they don´t compete in WC qualies and play giant Mexico. Mexicos goal is to reach Brazil 2014, playing here with a young squad. I saw them against Canada (5:00 AM), the game could easily end in a draw. A lucky win for Mexico and us punters as well. First goal after corner-kick, second one of the most undeserved penalties in football history.  They have posession but lack creativity and sharpness. Now they face a technical inferior but a motivated and physical superior opponent. Martinique also lost from the penalty-spot (deserved). Again this should be a low-scoring affair, a draw wouldn´t surprise me.

Martinique +1 @2,38 marathon, @2,30 pinnacle 2/10
Under 2,5 @2,04 marathon, @1,95 bwin 2/10

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2verloren Re: 15.07. Martinique - Mexico am Mo 15 Jul 2013, 09:53

FT 1-3 -4

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