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03.08. Talleres Cordoba - Sarmiento Junin

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Talleres Cordoba - Sarmiento Junin

Wrong odds here, just because Talleres promoted this year and Sarmiento finished 5. last season. The fact is, Sarmiento will hardly repeat last seasons success, Talleres (founded 100 years ago) are one of the candidates for promotion. They kept the best players and even strenghten the squad. New players: Shaffer, DF from Leiria, Avendaño, DF from Santa Fe, Barrionuevo, MF from Belgrano, Vega, MF from Olimpo and Sánchez Sotelo, ST from Olimpo. They lost only Benitez, DF to Olimpia Asuncion. Talleres play QF in Cup, defeating Belgrano and Newells in previous rounds, also defeated San Lorenzo (another Primera team) a few days ago.
Sarmiento lost 4 starters from last season: Vilchez (23/2), Tucker (34/6), Cerutti (32/4) and Oviedo (34/6), adding also 4, Mosset, Diaz, Lopez and Cordoba.
Qualitywise Talleres are the better team and should never be the dog in this game.

Talleres dnb @1,92 unibet 5/10

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FT 2-2 +-0

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